About Association

The Wine Roads of Serbia Association – WRSA (in Serbian: Vinski Putevi Srbije - VPS) was founded in 2010. It gathers representative winemakers and winegrowers of Serbia, experts at the field and well-known wine lovers. Since its founding, it has been very recognizable in Serbia and the region and is recognized in the world of wine and viniculture lovers.

The aim and main task of the association is to promote wine tourism, autochthonous Serbian varieties of grapevine, food and drinks with protected geographical origin and the Republic of Serbia as a relevant wine-tourist destination.

Thin order to popularize wine tourism, the association organizes manifestations, exhibitions, festivities, wine jaunts and promotional tours as well as presentations and education, rendering also consulting services in tourism.

The association is actively involved in domestic and international projects. It is the instigator and implementer of the national project “Signalization on wine routes of Serbia”, and co-founder of the internаtional project “Pannonian wine corridor”.

The Wine Roads of Serbia Association invites and opens the possibility for winemakers and winegrowers, individuals and other associations and communities where they work, including all complementary contents of offer, to form a unique tourist product of Serbia in order to bring Serbia on a wine map of Europe and the world, where it belongs.

The Day of Association, which is marked every year, is May 26th.

About association

Wine tourism

Wine tourism is an important component and an inseparable link between wine industry and tourism.

Wine tourism is a complex phenomenon: it is culturally authentic since it includes a lifestyle associated with wine and food, it is a main reason for many festivals dedicated to wine, it influences the architecture of the settlements, it is educational because it provides the opportunity to learn about the technology of wine production, types of wine and wine evaluation, it is romantic since it is based on the fact that wine, eating and an attractive environment all help to achieve romance.

Wine Route is a special form of selling wine, food, touristic and agricultural products of a wine region. It consists of natural scenery, the specificities of the environment through which the route leads, the cultural and historical sites, the tradition and the specialty of the wine-growing area (a number of wine producers, as well as those who are engaged in viticulture, winemaking and the production of other specialties of this region).

Project Serbian Wine Routes (marking wineries with vertical tourist signalization) started in 2010. The project has opened the possibility for winemakers and winegrowers, individuals and associations, communities and municipalities in which they work and live, as well as for all additional content offers, to form an integral product of Serbia as a tourist destination.

Ten Wine Routes have been established and marked so far: Subotica, Fruška gora, Vršac, Šumadija, Podunavlje, Jagodina, Župa, Negotin, Niš-Knjaževac and Belgrade, as well as the Wine Oases (relatively isolated wineries not located on the Wine Routes). This project fulfilled an important condition for the arrival of tourists to the destination and highlighting the tourist offer.

Wine tourism

Pannonian Wine Corridor

Through the Pannonian Wine Corridor project, ten European countries (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine), whose most fertile land was once covered by the Pannonian Sea, combine their offer through one wine region in Central Europe.

The project was instigated by The Wine Roads of Serbia Association and Wine Routes of Croatia in November 2016, when the First Pannowine Meeting has been held (Zagreb, 11-13 11 2016.)

The Second Pannowine Meeting was held on 25-28 5 2017 in Topola.

In 2017 and 2018 this project was joined by individuals and associations from Slovenia, Hungary and Bosnia.

Pannowine Meeting


Manifestations organized by The Wine Roads of Serbia Association:

Manifestations organized by The Wine Roads of Serbia Association.

Promotional tours, lectures, exhibitions organized by WRSA In order to introduce tourism press, members of the The Club of The Wine Roads of Serbia, business society and all other wine enthusiasts to the significance of wine tourism, the WRSA organizes promotional wine tours through all wine regions, lectures, promotions, whereas certain shows are followed by unique exhibition of old wine and old books about wine.

Promotional tours, lectures, exhibitions organized by WRSA.

Wine-Touristic Tours

Тhe Wine Roads of Serbia Assotiation organize wine-touristic visits to wine regions in the country and abroad. The number of people traveling with us ranges from 8 to 50, but, according to the possibilities, we are ready to meet all other numbers according to your needs.

Visit with us Fruška gora, Šumadija, Župa, get acquainted with the beauties of Palić, Belgrade, Smederevo, Jagodina, Vršac, Niš, Knjaževac, Negotin, Prokuplje, Vranje...

Come with us in Macednia or Pannon-wine highways and visit wineries in Austria, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Croatia!



1 / 2 / 3 days

Visiting the following wineries: Aleksandrović, Radovanović, Royal winery, PIK Oplenac, Tarpoš, Despotika, Janko, Jeremić, Plavinci and Obrenović Villa


Serbia has rich royal wine tradition. The members of the two Serbian dynasties (Obrenović and Karađorđević lineage) had been very fond of grapevine. When you visit Royal Karađorđević Winery in Topola and the Obrenović Villa on Zlatni breg in Smederevo, you will taste the best Serbian wine and supreme food from these wine regions, feeling like royalty yourselves...



3 days

Visiting the following wineries: Tikveš, Bovin. Stobi, Chateau Kamnik, Popova kula and Royal winary in Demir Kapija

The vineyards in Macedonia that cover rolling hills are adored and heated by the sun more than 270 days every year. Due to mild winters and scorching summers, Macedonia has ideal conditions to grow grapes and produce premium and perfectly strong wine. Here, people are absolutely cordial and generous, and along with premium class wine you can also enjoy the high quality food.

Macedonian vinerie.


3 days

Visiting the following wineries: Vindulo, Probus, Deurić, Erdevik, Ilok, Bolfan Vinski vrh, Kos, Šturm, Arkade Cigoj and Goriška brda

The First PanoWine Highway connects three countries – Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. Diversified range of wine and local food is a part of great hospitality specific for this area. From the coastal Slovenia to Zagorje in Croatia and Vojvodina in Serbia, beautiful sights are following one another, accompanied by supreme food and even better wine.


Serbian Wine Routes

Serbian Wine Routes map.